From a young age, Jordi has been fueled by a curiosity to unravel the mysteries of existence, starting with fundamental questions about the purpose of life. In 2004, he relocated to Australia to pursue one of his passionsā€”surfing. It was during this period that he delved into consistent yoga practice and explored the profound wisdom of the Aboriginals, marking the beginning of a new adventure.

Jordi holds certifications as a Yoga Teacher, Qigong Teacher, and Quantum Flow Teacher. Additionally, he has delved into diverse disciplines such as past life regression and raw food cooking. What sets Jordi apart is his commitment to testing the benefits of these practices in the "real world." Amidst a thriving international career in high-end Hospitality Management, he consciously integrated these spiritual practices, finding a harmonious balance that contributed to his success.

In recent years, Jordi has shifted his focus towards sharing with the world the transformative benefits of spiritual practices. Having experienced the positive impact on both personal and professional aspects of life, he aims to inspire others to cultivate success with balance and harmony through these profound teachings.

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