Jordi has been driven since a young age for a curiosity to discover the secrets of living. Starting from the most common question: Why are we here? What is the purpose of this life?

He moved to Australia in 2004 to follow one of his passions, Surfing. There is where he started practicing yoga consistently and discovering the knowledge of the Aboriginals. A new adventure started. 

He is a certified Yoga Teacher,  Qigong Teacher, and Quantum Flow Teacher. In addition he has studied past life regression, raw food cooking and other wellness disciplines. 

Professionally, he is been focus in Hospitality Management in high end properties living Internationally for years. At the moment, he is involved in an exciting entrepreneurial project and thrilled to share his daily practices to keep evolving effortlessly.

Be YOUR EvoLutioN

This platform is created to share practices to help us evolve through live. Without struggling, without pushing, without pressure, just evolve into beings that live aligned and in tune with our souls 

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